A great place for a brief Introduction to your website, features or points of interest are listed on the right.

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Common elements

Add any type of content blocks to pages. Tabs, accordions, columns, carousels, forms, iframes, images and videos can be added, duplicated, reordered or removed at any time.


Built from the ground up with accessibility in mind. All Catalyst Starter pages and elements have already been checked and tested against the WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

Create multiple websites

Need to split your website into different sub-sites but want to manage them all in the same place?. Individual sub-site content and site-tree's can easily be managed and switched between a single cms drop-down.

Section colours

Individual website section colours can be applied to landing pages. The section colour applied to parent page will be reflected and applied to all of it's sub pages, this is great for websites with different categories.

Tried and tested

Already being used in production, Catalyst starter has been used to create numerous government websites and is kept up to date with the latest bug fixes and patching.

Page types

Landing pages, blocks pages, resources pages, staff pages, testimonial pages, event news pages all come default with Catalyst Starter.

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Call to action area which is great for grabbing and directing attention on the homepage.

Landing Page

Latest news

This is a brief introduction content area for the latest news, once a news page is selected from the drop down field the latest four articles will be pulled from the selected news page. It will automatically show the latest four ordered by date and change whenever new articles are added to the news page.

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This is a two column image block, useful for presenting information with an image, the image can be placed on either the left or right. It also supports the ability to add a button that links through to another page on the website.

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